Our Vision

Company History

Founded in 1985 by David Weinschel and Douglas Armstrong, Celebrations Catering began operating as a humble retail storefront serving local business people in Northern Virginia . Customer demand created the necessity for a Corporate Catering and a Special Events division. We have expanded to serve the entire Metropolitan Areas of Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis and continue to surpass our loyal patron’s expectations. Our organization has grown to over 100 talented and creative employees experienced in the preparation of quality cuisine and production of renowned events.

Our Philosophy

Fabulous meals and memorable events are created with quality ingredients, skillful preparation and artistic presentation. We offer widely diversified menus for ever increasing international tastes. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly and courteous, providing attentive service that enhances your guest’s experience. Our cuisine engages the senses: upon being served, our guests initially notice beautiful colors and textures, followed by the aroma of fresh herbs & spices, boldly seasoned tender meats set the stage . . .MMMM is the resonating sound our guests hear as they experience an explosion of flavors.


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